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If you are a Christian by practice, you most likely know that today is Good Friday.  It is a part of the most important week in the Christian calendar because it is part of the story of Easter.  On Good Friday, Jesus, having been arrested the night before, was tried (at night), found guilty in a sham court, railroaded to a death sentence, and hung on a Roman cross, where He died.

When I was younger  I wondered what it was that made this day good.  What is good about Good Friday? It’s Friday, but Sunday’s Coming


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Bite Size Chunks to Success – How To Reduce Stress and Begin Managing Stress and Controlling It Once And For All


If you hang around long enough, you will find stress. Actually, you don’t have to look. It finds you.

Not all stress is bad stress. Stress can keep us motivated and performing.

But too much stress is not good. In fact, it is worse than not good, it can be detrimental to your health.

Follow Me on Pinterest It is important to learn how to cope with the stresses we face, because most of us will never be able to fully avoid stress. We have to learn how to deal with it.

These suggestions are not written as someone who has figured out how to avoid all stress.  Rather, this is written by someone who is still learning how to cope.  Stress doesn’t have to win. [click to continue…]


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How Do You Trust The Internet Again?

I have been a fan of the Internet from the first time I used it in 1992. No, it wasn’t what it is now back then, but from day one I could see it would be pretty amazing. So, when the trust that makes possible so many of the interactions we take very much for […]

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Does Technology Free You or Trap You?

The other day I was having lunch with a few friends. All of these are executives of various companies. One of the men raised a point about how removing his young children’s access to gadgets (iPad, iPod, etc.) had been hugely positive. They spent more time reading, playing together, learning chess, cooking. In other words, […]

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The First Step

Goals are great. Big goals are greater?  Not necessarily. It’s easy to think up huge goals.  It’s far harder to reach them.

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Anti-Social Networking For The Cloak And Dagger Folks

While the rest of the world has been preoccupied with informing the social media world of their thoughts, activities, and selfie shots, the loners and anti-socialites of the world now have outlet of their own called the Cloak app.   Social Media in Reverse In the days of MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram, and other […]

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Infographic: The Future of The Internet of Things

  The Internet of Things:  making connections to create new functionality that might previously not existed. Hottest thing in tech right now.

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How Full Is Your Cup?

  The image of a cup being full is ancient.  It expresses many things, from blessings to busy-ness. How full is your cup today? Is it half full?  Or half empty?  And what exactly is it full of? In business we all hope to find success.  Whether we sell widgets or services, grow things or […]

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Friends Don’t Let Friends Use Android: Banking App Edition

  My occasional foray into hopefully causing Android users to be more careful (by buying an iPhone). Seriously, you may be frustrated by this, but if you are using Android and doing your banking with an app, you are at serious risk.  If you don’t believe me, at least believe Kaspersky. Banking apps on Android […]

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Where Do You Find Inspiration?

  Our company has recently worked through our core values. It has been a great exercise. One of the things we do daily is start with a company wide “rally”. lt is a time we get reminded about who we are, what we do, and why we do it. At the moment we are still […]

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