A few weeks ago I introduced Clyde-isms, and thought it time to bring up #3.  Clyde is my mother-in-law, lest you skip the introduction.  A unique name, for a unique lady.

One of the things Clyde always had was a quick word of summation…not sarcasm, not criticism, just a funny saying appropriate to a moment.

I have a very clear memory of going home for a visit in our first year of marriage.  Clyde lived in a mobile home at the time, and bedrooms were small, and life pretty cramped.  Clyde was busy making breakfast one morning, banging pans so loudly she woke us up!  She was looking for something she just couldn’t find.

When you’re going to a goat’s house looking for wool, you’re trying to find something in a place it simply doesn’t exist, or your asking a question of someone who has no possibility of answering correctly.

Think about it.  We live in a world where bravado says we have to know everything, or, at the least, we have to act as if we know everything.  By all means we can’t appear to be clueless, even if we are.

Most people don’t have the gumption of a goat, much less wool.  Don’t expect  people who think they know everything to admit they don’t.

So, the next time you hear someone ask a question or make a request to someone who just can’t possibly know, pipe up with “You’re going to a goat’s house looking for wool.”