Have you ever had a great idea?  Something that you want to follow up on later because at the moment you are engaged in something else?  Or maybe, like me, you have a blog to write or some other deadlines to meet (either from your day job or your hobby).

Let me introduce you to a great tool called Evernote.

Evernote says of itself “Remember Everything”, “Capture Anything”, “Access Anywhere”, “Find Things Fast”.  Those are pretty ambitious descriptions, but the truth is, they pretty much achieve it.

The first way most people access Evernote is via a web browser.  But that is only one of many ways to use Evernote.  There are iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows, and Mac OS clients for Evernote.  There is an open source app called Nevernote which makes use of the Evernote API, but is not supported by Evernote.

The point of Evernote is to function as a repository for ideas or notes.  You can type new notes, update old notes, upload files for storage, send emails to your account, share notebooks with other Evernote users (think collaboration),   share using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, or email from your Evernote account to others.  Further, if you are using one of the dedicated client applications you can make voice notes or video notes (if your device has a camera).

What makes it so useful, however, is not that you can merely store information at Evernote, but is that you can access what you have already saved there for a quick review.  I have found this to be invaluable for finding some piece of info that I need to have access to but cannot remember.

For a blogger, the usefulness would seem pretty evident.  A quick note or thought before you are ready to start writing lets you have a single place to go to for ideas.

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Have you used Evernote for collecting blog ideas?  Or for collecting anything else?