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I am not a blogging expert.  I am a novice in every way, but I have been improving, and I think if you are in the same boat you can improve.  I started taking this blog seriously as a New Year’s Resolution, and started writing more frequently.  In the past two months I have developed some new skills, found some sources of inspiration and sources of encouragement/improvement.  I thought I would share some tips I am learning  with you.

  1. Have a Writing Schedule – Here I mean a set time to write.  Fit your life schedule, but set aside time.  For instance, I write mostly on the weekends, primarily Sunday evenings.  I polish the week ahead’s posts, and add to my idea list.  But time is set aside to write.
  2. Use an Editorial Calendar – WordPress has plugins, and I assume Blogger does as well.  The editorial calendar is important because it lets you plan out your publishing schedule.
  3. Be Sure to Schedule Social Media - You can use tools like HootSuite or Buffer or Tweetdeck to schedule tweets or FB posts to correspond to your publishing schedule.  You can also use plugins to manage this aspect. If you are interested, there is a 30-day free trial of HootSuite Pro*
  4. Have a blog maintenance schedule – This includes updating, deleting spam comments, but also looking at your advertising.  If you are using Google AdSense, you see content aware advertisements, but if you are using Commission Junction, LinkShare or similar, you need to rotate and update your ads.
  5. Visit and comment at other blogs – Do this daily to see your Alexa ranking improve.
  6. Read about SEO - You don’t have to become an expert but you do need to understand what it is.
  7. Work steadily on improving - Getting better at blogging is more of a long-distance run, not a sprint.
  8. Running Giveaways is an easy way to drive traffic – But you can spend money you don’t yet have if your advertising isn’t in place yet.

Do you blog?  Is it a hobby or a side-hustle?  What are you learning along the way?

* Affiliate links (though I am a user of HootSuite, and can recommend it highly, this is indeed an affiliate link that will generate proceeds for this blog if you subscribe.


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by Thad on March 1, 2012 · 9 comments

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  • Chris | Sminso

    I recently started using a blog posting schedule. Its been one week and so far so good! Another trick I use that goes with that is to write my posts when they come to me and then schedule them. This gives me a chance to make sure I have everything right and always have a post ready to go!

    • Thad

      I am not averse to writing as I get inspired but the discipline of writing on a schedule is helpful for me. I will also rearrange if a timely post gets written quickly.

    • Bryan

      Same here: once a week. Though I have no extra posts to spare. I’d like to build up a reserve of 5-10 posts.

  • Van Beek @ Stock Trend Investing

    I never use a schedule for my blogging. Seeing your tips I think that I may try it for a while. Maybe it works for me and provides unexpected benefits or improvements.

  • PK

    I’m learning too, and I’m coming up on three years… haha. Even then, I’d add “have a lengthy queue” to your list. Sometimes you won’t be as motivated and it’s nice to toss up a post you already had planned.

  • After College Money

    Thanks for the tips, Thad. Combining your tips with consistent effort will surely help any blogger, including myself.

    • Thad

      Consistency is really important, isn’t it? I continue to learn so much about this.

  • Tom Smith

    Nice blog, i found it very interesting to read and i hope to read more of your work in the future.

    • Thad

      Thanks for dropping by Tom. I hope you’ll consider subscribing!

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