The world is full of books on success.  Bloggers have written innumerable posts on success.

This is a post about success, and it features a recipe for success I heard from a professor at my alma mater many years ago.

It went something like this:  “When God created man He gave him two ends.  One to think with, and the other to sit upon.  And since that time a man’s success in life has been measured by just how much he uses the one over the other.”

We can define success in many ways.  Amazon lists 83,622 results when you search for the word “success” (and that is only a search of books!).  Obviously there is no shortage of material on the subject.

But I sort of like that pithy quote from that psychology professor.  There’s a no-holds barred understanding in it.

If you don’t use your mind, and get off your derrière, you’ll never really succeed at much.  Doesn’t have to apply to high salaried jobs, but it can.  It simply applies to life.  If we don’t use the wits we have been given, we’ll constantly be at the mercy of others.  We will continually view the world as against us.

If we use the minds we have, and exercise them well, the sky is the limit.

So?  Which is it with you?  Which end is winning?