It has been a busy week in our household as we gear up for spring break!  As I have been working on this post I realized just how busy I have been this week, because I haven’t read as much as I usually do.  Thus the list below is shorter than normal.

Some of my favorite posts from this blog as well as from my other blog (The Geezer Gadget Guy) are listed below.

A few favorite reads at other blogs:

  1.  THE AWESOME POWER OF SHOWING APPRECIATION from  Tracy Letzerich.  This post was a a guest post at, but Tracy blogs at Time With Tracy
  2. Are There Any Safe Investments Anymore? from Roshawn Watson at Watson Inc.
  3. Groupon Cancels Deal on Jeffery Dahmer Tour – Who Actually Thought this was a Good Idea? from Kris Ashton at Daily Deal Media.
  4. The 3 H’s of Success from KrantCents.
  5. Facebook Face Off at The Geezer Gadget Guy (okay, not that many page views, and zero comments as of this morning, but I enjoyed writing this post a great deal.


Carnivals I Posted In During the Past 7 Days

  1. Second (Ever) Lifestyle Carnival hosted graciously at Meal Plan Rescue
  2. Baby Boomers Blog Carnival One Hundred thirty-fourth Edition which actually includes a post from The Geezer Gadget Guy.


The top read posts from ThadThoughts over the past 7 days:

Tablets | Why the Field Favors The First (or Why Apple’s iPad Wins)
iPhone Exercise and Fitness Apps
Facing Down Facebook Phishing Attempts
Organize Your Social (Media) Life | Buffer
Dynamic Immersion | Why Rosetta Stone Works