Saturday Evening Post(s) #11 (Five At Five)

I have enjoyed hearing from commenters this week.  Below you’ll find the top commenters.  Many of them have their own blogs, which are usually linked (if they blog).  I encourage you to check them out.

Among the best things I have read across the interwebs this week are these posts:

1.  3 Leadership Lessons I Learned Through Tragedy,  a guest post at from John Tiller
2.  The 3 People That Stand In Your Way Of Business Success (and How To Push Them Aside)  at
3. Raising Charitable Kids & Teens at
4. 10 Things You Can Learn From the Apple Store by Guy Kawasaki — excellent post.  If you only read one thing from this list, read this one.
5. You’ve Got One Change Left. What Do You Do? at DumbLittleMan


Top Five Commenters This Week

Five Top Viewed Posts At

1. 10 Tips | Getting A Good Night’s Sleep
2. Camera +: A Great Way To Extend the iPhone Camera
3. Be Humble : A Powerful Workplace Value
4. Clyde-ism #7 | Making Do With What You Have
5. iPhone Productivity Apps | Text Grabber and Scanner Pro



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