Evernote Peek is a great tool for leveraging Evernote for students.  The best part is that the software itself is free. But beyond the cost is the effectiveness of the idea.  I have used it to help students prepare for tests recently, so I thought I would give a small write up.

Here is what makes Evernote Peek so useful.

If Evernote is new to you, the gist of it is a place to capture any piece of information you might want to use in the future.  You may want to check out this Amazon Imagepost and this one as well.  I have used it for 3 years and continue to find new uses.  It is just a great tool.

When Evernote Peek was first released it was available solely for iPads that can use the Apple Smart Cover, but that has changed now.  As you will see below, there is a virtual version of the smart cover that makes this all the more useful (especially for us since we have a first generation iPad (see image below).

The key will be to grab Evernote for your preferred device.  You can use Evernote on Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, as well as virtually Amazon Imageevery smart phone. The truth is, if you can get on the web via a browser, you can use Evernote.

But you cannot necessarily use Evernote Peek, which actually requires a tablet like an iPad.  Thankfully I have an iPad, and I put it to use recently helping my daughter prepare for history test.

These photos will show you what you need to know to put Evernote Peek to use.

How to Use Evernote Peek

If you have an iPad 2 or new iPad, you may also have an Apple Smart Cover.  Evernote Peek was initially released to work only with the Smart Cover.  But with a not-insignificant installed user base on the original iPad, Evernote came up with a unique answer to the problem of no Smart Cover for the original iPad (or, for that matter, for other iPad users who have some other case solution on their iPads).

Apple iPad 2 Polyurethane Smart Cover – Light Blue (MC942LL/A)


As this image below shows, there is a clever answer to the lack of a smart cover.


how to use evernote peek


You’ ll notice the instructions given by the app above.


The Notebooks – Choosing What to Study

Evernote Peek realizes that the best way to understand how to use the app is via experiencing it.  To that end they have included several Notebook samples in the app.  The image below shows you all that were available in the app by default, as well as the one I prepared.

how to use evernote peek


You will notice the “How to Use Evernote Peek”.  I didn’t steal this idea from that sample notebook.  Heck, I didn’t even know it was there til I was working on this post!

Incidentally, the notebooks page is important.  Controls for adding,  updating or deleting notebooks are found in that screen.


The Process

The basic idea of Evernote Peek is that by repeating the process of viewing the clue and then verbalizing the answer will lead to mastery of the subject.  Going through the process multiple times will help you memorize the matter.

This image shows the virtual cover closed, and then image after that shows the clue.

how to use evernote peek


how to use evernote peek


 The Study

Once you have opened the notebook (by double tapping), Peek gives you a schooling.  Okay, not in a bad way, but in a helpful way.  The point of Evernote Peek is to help you prepare for anything that requires a level of memorization.  So, the answers you get right and the answers you get wrong are important to know.

how to use evernote peek


Apple iPad 2 MC769LL/A Tablet (16GB, WiFi, Black) 2nd Generation


There you have it.  A brief visual introduction to Evernote Peek.  If you have tried it already, why not leave a comment?