Amazon Image2012 is just about finished. We’ve gotten about as many hours out of this year as we can.

I thought I would have brief look back at the year from a personal perspective. Allow me to share a few retrospective thoughts.

For me the year 2012 was one of opportunity and closure.  That seems an odd mix when I look at what I have typed, but it is the truth.

The opportunities came in several different ways.  They were opportunities to further develop my career, and to work with some of the most amazing people I could imagine.

My Day Job

Our company, The Karis Group, underwent a significant transition with the departure of our former CEO, Levi Smith.  He announced his departure in late February, and finished out his tenure at the company in late June.

Levi had been not just the CEO of the company, but the company leader in the realm of technology.  He had taken Karis to the cloud for our service platform in 2007 by moving us to  He had further positioned us as a cloud based company in 2011.  I learned a great deal from him.

But with his departure, new opportunities came my way.  I was promoted to VP of Technology at the end of June, and took on the responsibilities of developing technologies for Karis at that time.  It has been a great experience so far.

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The company moved to a new facility in early October.  What that did was bring the entire leadership team together in the same suite for the first time in a number of years.  Nothing has been more enjoyable to me personally than getting to interact with that amazing set of people.  Synergy is amazing when it goes past buzz word stage.  That’s where Karis is at present.

We have also launched some new products during 2012 that I am pumped about.  The Health Co-Op, an alternative to traditional insurance that is focused on the Christian community and is exempted from PPACA, was brought to market by Karis during 2012.  We are excited about what it can mean to faith based non-profits, businesses and congregations.  But that wasn’t the only new product.  Karis launched in October, which offers our 16 year old bill negotiation services to people with out-of-pocket medical expenses who need help in resolving their medical bills.  This too is a needed response to rising health care costs.

Running and Writing

As I wrote last week, 2012 was a year of consistency when it comes to my fitness and exercise.  I actually hit some personal goals for weight loss and with a minor but significant change to my diet saw my cholesterol drop to the lowest levels it has been in 15 years.  I am going to write about that change soon, but it is not at all the kind of change to diet that you might think.

In terms of blogging, 2012 was a breakout year for ThadThoughts.  I published 264 posts including this one, most all of which I wrote Amazon Imagemyself (though I am always open to have guests post).

I was also given the opportunity to guest post for Michael Hyatt at  That post led to my busiest day ever at ThadThoughts.  I would like to guest post more in 2013.


Strangely, the day my guest post went live at, I was actually in Taiwan.  I spent an evening in our YMCA hotel room replying to comments on that post as requested by Michael.  It was great.

We were in Taiwan as a part of a mission trip.  As I wrote in this post, the trip was a fantastic experience for our entire family as we were able to close out a part of our life we had left unresolved in 2006.  We were blessed greatly to see so many friends.

So there you have my 2012 retrospective.  It has been a great year.  I’m looking forward to 2013 too!

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