The end of 2012 is nigh upon us.

Years seem to fly by faster than ever, which I know is an indication of age.

This past year I made a few resolutions to do several new things, or do several old things differently.  I thought this last week of the year a good time to revisit those.

One resolution I made was to save money, specifically by revisiting some of the subscriptions I had taken on in the prior year(s).  I did cull the subscriptions, and have continued to do so.  I kicked Mozy to the side in favor of CrashPlan (and suggest you do the same), but brought Netflix back to the mix with a streaming only plan.  Netflix looks especially good in HD streaming from Apple TV.

Another resolution was to exercise more.  I am not sure I actually exercised any more, but I have been very consistent to exercise 3 timesAmazon Image a week (I run).  I love running.  It is a great way to relieve stress.

Amazon ImageAnd my final resolution was to blog more.  In that way, 2012 has been a great success for me.  I wrote 5 posts a week from January through most of May, and then switched to 3 days per week.

Why the switch in May?  I guess I could say I couldn’t keep up with the schedule, but I was keeping up.  Granted the vacation in May made it easy to want to adjust for the time away.  But the reality is that I just felt like a 3 day a week publishing schedule was enough.

So the change was made.  I have been pleased.

There you have it.  Resolutions revisited.  Next week we’ll have a peek at some resolutions for 2013.  Stay tuned!