Amazon ImageSomethings in life are simple.  “Wash. Rinse. Repeat”.  You do them over and over again, until you don’t have to pay attention.

And that can be a problem, because when you use technology to do things over and over again, you can stop looking for better ways to do those very same sets of repetitive computing tasks.

When you stop trying to improve your experience in using your computer for whatever task, you’ve just conceded that time may be being wasted.

Which is why I got so excited to find an app for Mac called DropZone.  It excels in letting you improve the processes you already use so that time is focused on more productive tasks.

No, it isn’t a productivity tool as much as it is a shortcut to save you time.

Here’s the piece that matters most:  the core things that Dropzone does makes it very easy to accomplish repetitive tasks.

What things can you do?  Move files, copy files, install applications, upload files to FTP site, upload files to Amazon S3 site, save text, share text, upload to TwitPic, upload to ImageShack, upload to Flickr, and, finally, you can zip files and email them.

How do you do this?  This is the part that makes it easy.  After configuring the action and the destination of the action, you are given the choice to set some of the actions as a “Circle” which is an icon that represents where you drag your files for a given action.

So, for instance, if you need to repeatedly drop files in a given folder, you set your action to copy the file, set the destination, and then add the new action as a dropzone.  Drag your file from any folder to the circle for your action, and the action is carried out.

Today I set up a repetitive action, one that I do many times in a week, and had it configured in less than 6o seconds.

It’s that easy to use.