While I don’t journal regularly (though I suppose you could argue that between a blog, writing for other blogs, Twitter and Facebook I actually do journal), but there have been times in my life when I found journaling absolutely cathartic.

You may be like many others when you think about having to find a notebook and/or a pen. Or you may just prefer to put your thoughts down with a screen, or via the easiest of means, namely email, but you have lacked a tool.

Let me introduce you to “Oh Life”.

The Anti-Facebook

Oh Life is an online journaling tool that is completely private.

Think of it as the “Anti-Facebook”, or social media for the chronically introverted.  No friend requests.  No game invites. No candy at all.

Don’t see it as a blog, because this only expects an audience of one…namely, you.

How does it work?

Oh Life is absolutely elegant in its simplicity.  You never have to go online, at least not via a browser if you don’t want to.  T

Once you are registered as a user (it’s free), the system will guide you through getting set up.  It is very easy to do, asking essentially only two pertinent pieces of information:  your email address (they promise no spam and I haven’t received any),  and a time of the day that you would like to receive an email from Oh Life.

You will get one email per day that reminds you of two things:  what you said yesterday, and a reminder to write something for the current day.  You only have to reply to the email to make an entry on your Oh Life.  And should you want to add more entries for a day all you have to do is to reply to the email reminder they have sent you for the day.

Want to add a photo?  Just attach it to the email you send to them, and voila!  There is a photo in your entry.

If you want to edit what you have sent in you can do so at any time by logging in to your Oh Life account.  You can read, you can edit, you can add photos, you can export your entries as a text file; the one thing you cannot do is invite anyone to participate in this journaling experience with you.

I have found the experience of using Oh Life to be very positive.  I believe you will too.

Why do you write?  Are you open to journaling if it is private, with yourself as the only audience?

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